do i need treatment?

If thinking about orthodontic treatment is even on your radar, chances are it could help. Consulting an orthodontist is the best way to know if you need treatment. If you do, an orthodontist, who is a specialist in aligning teeth and jaws for patients of all ages, has the unique expertise adults need to create a beautiful and healthy smile. If your teeth have always bothered you in some way, talk over your concerns with an orthodontist. Many members of the American Association of Orthodontists offer low-cost or complimentary initial consultations.

What kinds of orthodontic problems do adults have?

Adults can have the same kinds of orthodontic problems that children and teens have – crowding or too much space between teeth; overbites or underbites. Front teeth may stick out. In the case of an open bite, the front teeth may not make contact when the back teeth touch, or vice versa. Poorly aligned teeth and jaws can, over time, result in abnormal wearing of tooth surfaces. Your orthodontist is in the best position to recommend the type of appliance for your unique treatment needs. Not every type of appliance is suitable for correcting every kind of orthodontic problem. Your AAO orthodontist is qualified to ensure you receive the personalized treatment that is best for you.